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Rebuilding it Right


Congratulations to the following winners of the Rebuilding it Right infill housing design competition:

1st place - Marnie Peichel

2nd place - Emily Timm

3rd place - Robert Ewert

special recognition - Erin Lilli

special recognition - Daniel Yudchitz

A special thank you to our judges:

Andy Barnett, Habitat for Humanity

Representative Bobby Joe Champion

Meghan Kell Cornell, Kell Architect(s)

Susan Nacker, Vivo


Rebuilding it Right History

AIA Minneapolis and AIA Minnesota are leading a response to the tornado that devastated north Minneapolis 5.22.11.

Mission: To organize the architecture and allied professions to advocate for quality and architecturally appropriate design for homes devastated by the May 22nd tornado in north Minneapolis through: coordinating with city officials, collaborating with contractors and vendors, and delivering design/architectural assistance to home owners.

The damage caused by the tornado merits a compassionate response to recapture and solidify the beautiful, historic architecture present in the neighborhood, and to potentially redefine entire sections that allow for greener technologies and smarter urban design that will benefit not only the immediate homes in the vicinity, but the city as a whole.  We want to improve the lives of the citizens of Minneapolis through quality design that is respectful of the neighborhood fabric and houses' character, while also serving as advocates for homeowner to ensure that repairs meet the proper quality that the homes and the community deserve. This will be achieved by close coordination with city officials, collaborating with allied professional, contractors and vendors, and delivering design/architectural services to homeowners.

Rebuilding it Right is calling on the architecture and allied professions to participate in efforts of assisting the residents of north in restoring the richness and texture to their community.  Individuals who are interested in participating in this rebuilding effort and are able to contribute 2 to 8 hours a week should contact Raymond Dehn at or call 612-338-6763.

3 weeks - 3 months - 3 years outline moving forward

Rebuilding It Right is committed to the long-term rebuilding efforts of the northside and is positioned to address both the immediate and long-term needs of the northside community.


  1. Assessment of housing stock and damage.
  2. Map zones 1, 2 and 3 to determine needs for quick architecture response teams.
  3. Rank homes according to need and assign priority based on damage, schedule and homeowner.
  4. Develop necessary drawings.
  5. Coordinate drawing delivery and coordination with owners and contractors.
  6. Develop a mechanism for owners to engage with an architect/design professional, should they desire a 3rd party verification of work quality and adherence to work contract. Encourage architects as facilitators of collaboration between owners and contractors

3 - months

  1. Make a place for architects in the single-family infill affordable housing rebuilding effort.
  2. Advocate for architects to a part of this process and not leave it all to the existing non-profits and their predictable and clichéd portfolio of projects.  Provide a process for looking at demographics, cultural differences and housing needs.
  3. Allow a place for innovative new design through invitation, competition or other participatory methods
  4. Encourage infill housing through teams of developers/builders/architects with funding available on an even basis with non-profits (gap financing).
  5. Develop a conflict resolution process though mediation that precedes attorney involvement.  Many of my cases as an arbitrator involved disputes between owners and contractors that did not have a third party in the process.
  6. Allow for "citizen architects' to play a role in community building and visioning.

3 - years

  1. Encourage sustainable/livable community ideas to be developed and implemented along TOD and other economic development areas.
  2. Encourage sustainable/livable community ideas to be developed and implemented along TOD and other economic development areas.
  3. Promote housing and economic development along new green/parks corridors through the existing grid based on the new landscape.  Alternately, develop Lowry, 26th and Plymouth avenues as biking/commuter paths and modify the existing street width and vehicular traffic.  Requires zoning and planning innovations.